Trinidad, made up of 6 popular councils, has a population of more than 50,740 inhabitants, concentrating the tourist attractions and services in the poles: City, Ancón Peninsula, Topes de Collantes Natural Park, Historic Center of the City and in the Valley of Los Ingenios, the last two declared World Heritage Sites by UNESCO in 1988 for their historical, cultural and architectural values.

Religion in Trinidad

Santería (Rule Ocha) or cult of the orishas, ​​is part of the group of religions of African origin, fundamentally of Yoruba roots, in which cultural elements and practices were mixed with Catholic Christianity.

Health Services in Trinidad

The health system has 1 surgical clinical hospital, 3 rural hospitals, 2 polyclinics, 1 dental clinic (with 34 chairs located in various communities, including a mobile one), 1 maternity home, 1 nursing home, 1 international clinic for tourists, 2 medical posts, 133 Family Doctor offices.

Cultural Spaces in Trinidad

The spaces for cultural activity in Trinidad are diverse; It has 5 museums, 2 video rooms, 1 cinema, 1 library, 1 bookstore, 1 theater, 1 house of culture, 1 house of trova and 1 art gallery.