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Known as the Pearl of the South (La perla del Sur) or the beautiful city of the sea (La Linda Ciudad del Mar), Cienfuegos occupies a privileged position in the south center of Cuba. The surface area of ​​the Cienfuegos province is 4 188.61 km2, making it one of the three smallest in the country. With a population of 406,847 inhabitants and a population density of 97.1 inhabitants / km2. It limits to the north with the provinces of Santa Clara and Matanzas. To the east with the municipality of Manicaragua (province of Villa Clara) and with the municipality of Trinidad (province of Sancti Spíritus). To the south, it borders the Caribbean sea and to the west, the Ciénaga de Zapata and Calimete municipalities of the province of Matanzas. It have eight municipalities: Aguada de Pasajeros, Rodas, Palmira, Lajas, Cruces, Cumanayagua, Abreus and Cienfuegos.

Its predominate the plains of Cienfuegos and Manacas, to the east the heights of Santa Clara and the mountains of Guamuhaya, where the San Juan Peak is located, the second highest elevation in the country with 1140m and the Martín Infierno, the cave with a stalagmite of 50 meters high, there are deposits of materials for construction. It has several rivers: Hanábana, Caunao, Arimao, among others, in addition to the mineral-medicinal and thermal waters of Ciego Montero.

The bay of Jagua, one of its main attractions, has fostered the economic and tourist development of this city, due to its privileged location and its conditions, which makes it one of the most important ports in the country and one of the perfect places to the practice of nautical sports.

The flora and fauna are characterized by a rich ecosystem and great biological diversity. There are several natural sites that you can visit during your stay, such as: Guanaroca Lagoon, El Nicho Natural Park, the Iguana Valley, among others, also taking into account the beaches to the south of the province: Rancho Luna, Playa Inglés and Yaguanabo.