Cuban People from Cienfuegos

Who are the Cienfuegueros?

The Cienfuegos fighter is a proud and charismatic Cuban, just like his city. Since it was born, it has become accustomed to the uniqueness of its privileged environment for its French-style air and its perfect conservation. Its official language, without special nuances, Spanish. The population of Cienfuegos amounts to 407,206 inhabitants, of them 50.4% men (205,267) and 49.6% women (201939), being a predominantly male population. Population aging rates are increasing, although it is not among the oldest cities in Cuba. Its birth rate is 10.1, the average age of its inhabitants is between 45 and 56 years, and life expectancy reaches 78 years. The province boasts 82% urbanization, being one of the most modern in the country.

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