What you should know if you want to travel to Cuba with the new normal

Cuba is considered, by many international markets, a safe destination in the new normal against Covid 2019, for this, several Hygiene and Health protocols have been established at all levels that aim to protect both national citizens and tourists who visit the country. Here we leave you some of the most important aspects of this new stage and that we will be constantly updating.

From January 10th, 2021, all international travelers must present, upon arrival, to the International Sanitary Control authorities, the certificate of a PCR test, 72 hours before the start of the trip that accredits it as "negative for COVID -19”, issued by a certified laboratory in the country of origin.

  • When the tourists arrive at the airport, a PCR-RT will be carried out, the result of which will be in 24 hours, during that time the hygienic sanitary measures must be taken, in particular social distancing, hand disinfection and the use of the mask in common areas, according to the established protocol.

  • It is mandatory to carry out a PCR test upon arrival in Cuba. (at the same airport or another access route). In this case, the cost is covered by the sanitary fee that will be included in the cost of the ticket.

  • A health statement is required from all travelers (a form that the airline must deliver to the passenger once on board the plane, shortly before landing in Cuba)

  • It is very important that passengers know that if they arrive sick they will not be able to enjoy vacations because in CUBA it is obligatory for the sick to isolate themselves.

  • Medical insurance is required to cover COVID 19

Upon arrival in Cuba you can stay in a Hotel or in a Casa Particular, in the case of Hotels, all facilities have 24-hour health services, and in private accommodations the tenants will inform the health authorities about the presence of hosted guests. Upon the arrival of international tourists to the hotel facilities, the following measures are established:

  • Tourists will use the mask in all public and service areas during the first hours and until the result of the RT-PCR.

  • They will also be identified with a different colored handle.

  • All clients whose RT-PCR result was negative will be changed.

  • Physical separation of areas for asymptomatic confirmed cases

  • Customers who are admitted at the time of return to their country of origin, must follow the procedure established by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in coordination with the Embassy and the airline.

 Clients stay in tourist facilities

Customers have no restrictions, except in the case of wearing the mask until obtaining the PCR result and in all closed common areas of tourist facilities, including the food display area in the buffet services.

In addition to the beaches, our visitors can also enjoy nature excursions, nautical activities, circuits, visit to heritage cities declared by UNESCO World Heritage Site, as well as health, well-being and quality of life programs to minimize, prevent and strengthen the state immune, physical, mental, including clients who have suffered from COVID / 19 can improve their immune system.

We appeal to the individual responsibility of each one and we recommend follow these hygienic measures in the disinfection of hands, physical distancing and use of the mask in transport and in closed places.

Tourists who need a Covid-19 test to enter their respective countries can undergo RT-PCR for a cost of 30 USD or equivalent in freely convertible currency , at the medical institutions listed below:


  • Siboney International Clinic.
  • Camilo Cienfuegos International Clinic.
  •  Instituto de Medicina Tropical "Pedro Kourí" (IPK)

      In the rest of the country:

  •  In the territorial seats of Cuban Medical Services (SMC)


In the case of tourists who are staying in tourist facilities, they should contact the health personnel present there, preferably upon arrival, and request the RT-PCR.Payment for the test will be made by magnetic card.

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