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The figure of Benny Moré undoubtedly marks the musical scene of Cienfuegos. Lajero root and heart, this natural exponent of the son marked a milestone in Cuban culture for its rhythm. He is joined by Inocente Iznaga, singer-songwriter,  known as El Jilguero.

Another of the most outstanding exponents of music in Cienfuegos is the Septeto de son Los Naranjos, which has been maintained throughout the years spreading boleros and traditional sounds. The Aragón Orchestra, the violinist and composer Rafael Lay, among others, make up the great number of virtuoso Cienfuegueros.

Currently, the music of Cienfuegos has its provincial choir, instrumental music bands in different municipalities, and popular dance music orchestras. Some important music festivals in Cienfuegos such as Benny Moré and Alternative Music are held every year, with the participation of artists from different latitudes. There is a Provincial Music Center in our province, which brings together the exponents of this event.