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The person who was born in Cienfuegos, known as cienfueguero, is a proud and charismatic cuban, just like his city. From the moment it is born, it is accustomed to the uniqueness of its privileged environment due to its Frenchified air and its perfect conservation. Your official language, without special nuances, Spanish. The population of Cienfuegos amounts to 406,847 inhabitants, of them 50.7% men and 49.3% women, being a predominantly male population. Population aging rates are increasing, although it is not among the oldest cities in Cuba. Its birth rate is 10.1, the average age of its inhabitants is 37.9 years, and life expectancy reaches 78 years. The province boasts 82% urbanization, being one of the most modern in the country.

Public Health

The National Health System is based on the principles of socialist public health, through which the right of the population to receive free of charge the services provided by institutions dedicated to both medical care and social assistance is recognized and constitutes one of the greatest achievements of the Cuban social model.

Medical services are provided in a phased manner, with three levels of care according to the degree of complexity of the units that provide it: primary, secondary and tertiary care.

The primary care system supported by services at the secondary and tertiary levels, such as municipal, provincial and national hospitals and research institutes, form a regional structure that creates an interrelation between them, guaranteeing the resources of the entire system in an optimal way and rational.

The public health in Cienfuegos is a strength. There are 3 hospitals, 20 polyclinics and 365 family offices, a medical Mining Spa and 6 dental clinics. Currently the province has 2983 doctors, of whom 445 work in different communities as general general practitioners, in addition to 616 dentists and 3043 nurses.


The economy in Cienfuegos is eminently industrial. In the territory there are 32 large companies. Among the main enclaves are the Carlos Manuel de Céspedes thermoelectric plant, the most efficient in Cuba, with a capacity of 316 Megawatt. Also the Karl Marx Cement Factory, with a capacity of 1 million 500 thousand tons per year, its main productions are clinker and gray cement. To it is added the Camilo Cienfuegos Oil Refinery, among others. With destiny to the export 19 lines with an approximate value of 215 million weights are produced. The main products that are exported are sugar, clinker, coffee, tobacco, honey, charcoal and shrimp.


Cienfuegos has more than 300 facilities of the different modalities, notably rowing and boxing. Some of the main scenarios are the chess academy, the Escuela de Iniciación Deportiva (EIDE), the Escuela Superior de Perfeccionamiento Atlético (ESPA), baseball stadiums, the Fronton, soccer fields, among others. Highlights among all the Stadium "5 de Septiembre", home baseball team of Cienfuegos: "Los Elefantes." Water sports are the most traditional in Cienfuegos, with rowing and polo being the most prominent. In the year 2018, the Water Polo contributed 5 athletes to the Central American games and silver medalists. In the Rowing the first general place in Cuba was obtained with 13 athletes to the national selection and 6 athletes to the Central American Games, contributing 2 gold medals, 4 of silver and 2 of bronze.


Education in Cienfuegos enjoys prestige. The quality of the teaching and the multiple centers that it holds, place it at the top of the sector in the country. The University of Cienfuegos performs important international events such as the "Pablo Freire" of popular education, and others related to local development projects and communication for development. The Vocational Pre-university Institute of Exact Sciences (IPVCE) "Carlos Roloff" is also a quarry for the training of future professionals. They are joined by Children's Circles, Schools of primary education, secondary school and technical education. Also a Center for autistic children and special education.