Spa San Diego de los Baños

San Diego de los Baños, famous since the 18th century for the beneficial properties of its waters, has a balneary of the same name where treatments are offered to the visitor with highly qualified services. They treat patients with dermatological, neurological, post-accident, digestive and stress disorders , through hydrotherapy, hydromassages, body and facial beauty treatments, fangotherapy, psychology, steam baths, acupuncture, digit-puncture, electro-acupuncture, physiotherapy, stomatology and gym. These waters have been studied for more than two hundred years and classified into: sulfurated, sulphated, calcium, magnesian, fluoride and thermal. Account, this site with laboratory and pharmacy, where products made from natural resources are offered. The mud or peloide, with healing properties, is extracted from the mouth of the San Diego River in the Caribbean Sea, famous for its anti-inflammatory qualities, tissue regeneration, analgesics and sedatives.

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