Cuba Reaches Four Million Tourists’ Arrivals

Published on 2017-11-07 by Rogelio Zaraboso

We have an invitation to visit our Island!!!

The figure is reached 54 days in advance with respect to the previous year and is a definite sign of the steady growth of people who choose Cuba as a destination.

The tourist resorts located in Cayo Santa María, Cayo Coco and Cayo Guillermo reopen their doors last week, and as the high tourist season begins, all the island´s touristic destinations are operational.

Cayo Santa Maria - An exceptional destination for  an all-inclusive holiday that you will never forget.

Cayo Coco is a beautiful island located in the Jardines del Rey archipelago. Cayo Coco is connected to mainland by a causeway of 27 km with a 17 km section in the sea. You can find here white sand beach with crystal clear turquoise waters.

Cayo Guillermo, a key belonging to the Jardines del Rey archipelago. A natural Eden full of peace, with long sands, turquoise water and coconut trees. Offering luxury services, this five-star resort invites you to have a relaxing holiday with your family, partner or friends, filled with great excitement and unforgettable adventures. Cayo Guillermo  inspired the American writer Ernest Hemingway. Cayo Guillermo is a gift of nature. 

Hope to see you soon!

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