The City


The City is the reference par excellence of the culture of a region or nation. There are cities with labyrinth-like or open streets, noisy or silent; marine, mountain-like, big metropolis or small towns that create mysteries, legends and secrets. Each and every one of them hides or shows its magic to the visitors. It all depends on who’s looking, seeking or just watching. 

In Cuba, styles as diverse as the cultural branches that form it blend in the architecture of plazas, parks and buildings that tell the history and show the patrimony.

Primate cities, monument cities, heroic cities are discovered and one can come close to Historic Centres recognized by the UNESCO, fortifications built to defend themselves against the pirate and corsair attacks.

Emblematic theatres, cathedrals, museums, movie theaters, bookstores and galleries; nightclubs, recreational, gastronomic places are settled among houses and inhabitants that are represented even in the smallest details painted by time.

Cuba is its city and the people that makes it; it breathes, moves and lives in it and from the cape of Santa Antonio to the peak of Maisi, it invites to discover it.