Regulations and Formalities to travel to Cuba.


Customs Regulations for Entrance and Exit:

The National Customs of the Republic of Cuba constitutes a control organ of the border and the control in the activity linked to foreign trade. It has the mission of direct in custom matters, collect customs duties and give response inside its jurisdiction and compete to the facts that affect the international traffic of goods, travelers, postal center and the transport means, preventing, detecting and facing fraud and contraband, also contributing to the national and international protection of the environment.

The tariff exemption for the importation of foodstuffs, toiletries, medicines and medical supplies is extended until December 31

From July 1st to December 31st of this year, the relaxations in the non-commercial importation of food, toiletries, medicines and medical supplies by natural persons applicable to unaccompanied baggage and air, sea and postal shipments will be in force. During this period there is no weight limit for medicines, as long as they are separated from the rest of the baggage. When they are mixed with other items that are part of the same, they are valued as a whole and are subject to the payment of customs duties and services. For this reason, Customs recommends that you bring the medicines separately from the rest of your baggage to facilitate and expedite the clearance of the imported items, thus reducing the time you spend at the terminal.