Health and Security

Cuba is a safe tourist destination. The hospitality and kindness of its inhabitants, the tranquility of its streets and the freedom to walk the streets of the city at night reaffirm this. The ratings of our visitors, the Excellence Award as the safest country for tourism, presented at the XXXVIII International Fair of the branch -Fitur 2018-, in Madrid, Spain and its position in the list of the 25 most popular destinations in the world, corresponding to the TripAdvisor Traveller's Choice awards, confirm this.


Health and Security in Cuba

In line with the recommendations of the World Tourism Organization (WTO) to guarantee health protection and emergency assistance  to travelers in each of the nations they visit, since it began to boost its tourism development Cuba has been concerned about this issue, which involves insurance, along with assistance services and medical services in Cuban health facilities, among other benefits.

Since 2010, the Cuban authorities have even established regulations to ensure that every person who arrives in the country complies with the requirement to have insurance with medical coverage valid in the national territory.