Internet and Telephony in Cuba

On your trip to Cuba you will surely want to communicate with your family or friends, which you will be able to do thanks to the services provided by our Telecommunications Company Etecsa.

Here we give you all the information you need to know to have access to the Internet. 

  • SIM card for Tourists: Cubacel Tur
  • Navigation Card
  • Roaming Service

Something you should know...

  • Travellers will have free WiFi Internet access for a period of 30 minutes inside international airports.
  • In 4 and 5-star hotels, customers will have free Internet access as part of the services they offer.
  • For your phone to work in Cuba, it must have the following features:










SIM card  for tourists: Cubacel Tur

With the Cubacel Tur line you can have Internet, phone calls and messaging services within Cuba. It has a basic package of 6 GB + 100 MIN + 100 SMS. This line is temporary so it has a life cycle of 30 days from its activation.   CubacelTur can be purchased through the pages:

Once the purchase has been made, you can pick up your card specifically at Terminal 3 of José Martí Airport in Havana, at the CubacelTur point of sale located in Hall C and at Terminal 2 at the Etecsa Minipoint. It can also be picked up at any international airport in the country at the Cubacel Tur sales points or at any Commercial Office.

Find more information here 👉

Navigation cards

Ideal for occasional connections.

You will need to buy a navigation card available at any of ETECSA's commercial outlets. These cards are activated with a username and password and can be for 30 minutes, 1 hour or 5 hours. With an activity period of 30 calendar days, starting from the first connection.

Type of account




30 minutes card

12.50 CUP/ hour

1 hour card

25.00 CUP/ hour

5 hours card

125.00 CUP/ hour


Roaming Service

To guarantee the quality of roaming services in Cuba, we suggest that you check with your operator for 4G roaming service agreements or international roaming agreements according to your interest.


Calls, what should I know?

Calling in Cuba: 

To call to a landline or mobile phone, you can do so by dialling the desired number directly. Landline numbers will always have the code of the province to which they belong. 

Calling from Cuba to the outside

- To a mobile phone: International prefix 00 + Country code + Country code + Desired telephone number. 

- To a fixed telephone: International prefix 00 + Country code + Country code + City code + Desired telephone number. 

 Calling to Cuba from the outside

- To a landline: International prefix 00 + 53 (Cuba code) + Area code + Desired telephone number.

- To a mobile number: International prefix 00 + 53 (Cuba Code) + Desired mobile number.

Emergency Numbers in Cuba

Ambulances: 104

Anti-drugs: 103

National Revolutionary Police (PNR)/ Emergencies: 106

Fire brigade: 105

Rescue and Rescue Centre: 107

PNR/ Information request: 18 806