Hotel Meliá Jardines del Rey– An all Inclusive property in an almost unspoiled place

Published on 2018-09-06 by Rogelio Zaraboso

A Paradise for the family  with full confort.

A 5 star All Inclusive beach resort, situated in the archipelago of Jardines del Rey, on the popular Cayo Coco.

Boulevard with attractive gastronomic, artisan and leisure options

Comfortable bungalows, some with unrivalled views of the Caribbean Sea

Recommended for bird watching

You can enjoy:


In a natural environment or with advanced technology, it offers the following treatments: algotherapy, fangotherapy, aromatherapy and thalassotherapy, as well as shiatsu, lymphatic drainage, reflexotherapy and psycho-sensitive massages inspired by the Ayurveda technique or the science of life.


Distance: 3.6 Km

Considered one of the finest beaches on Cayo Coco due to the cleanliness of its waters and the beautiful stretch of sand, approximately 3 km long.


Distance: 23.4 Km

Between one and two nautical miles off the coast, an extensive coral reef, considered the second largest in the world and the largest in the western hemisphere, is an amazing attraction for lovers of underwater activities and water sports. The sea beds in this area, with depths ranging from 5 to 40 metres, have a surprising wealth of biodiversity, wonderful marine structures and the amazing light that penetrates down to unusual depths.


Distance: 27.1 Km

Bordered by the tips of cliffs and sand dunes of around 15 metres high and almost one kilometre long. This beach owes its name to the winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature, Ernest Hemingway, who was a regular visitor to the area on his boat Pilar. Opposite Playa Pilar is the key of Media Luna, a wonderful option for diving.



Carretera a Cayo Guillermo km 9, Playa Flamenco, Cayo Coco

Tel: (53 33) 30 4300
E-mail: Jardines del Rey, internacional , 10 Km


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