Matanzas city will become a tourist destination

Published on 2018-10-16 by Norlan Echevarria

By John Vila Acosta

The vast local culture, the patrimonial, historical and architectural value, in addition to the wide revival plan for the 325 years of its foundation, to be commemorated this October 12, endorse Matanzas as a tourist destination, said Manuel Marrero Cruz, minister of tourism in Cuba. 
In exchange with the press Marrero Cruz said that there are remarkable elements to declare one of the first modern cities on the island, and only study the proper spaces to do so officially in the future.

 Matanzas city, Cuba

Matanzas cannot be a city of transit, it is necessary to attract visitors and meet expectations, said Marrero Cruz, and stressed that the number of tourists who travel from Varadero to enjoy the city of rivers and bridges is still insufficient. 


The minister highlighted the great potential of the La Habana-Varadero tourist corridor and the advances in the preservation and recovery of the heritage in the historic center. (ACN)

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