Mountain, River and Sea Excursion.

Published on 2018-12-07 by Yohanna Rivero

Viajes Cubanacan offers an adventure programme that develops in jeep and kayak, combining mountains, rivers and the sea.

Natural experience

The visitor may arrive to the country and depart from the different international airports: La Habana, Varadero, Santa Clara and Cienfuegos. The National Park “El Nicho” is one of the first places to visit, with its natural waterfalls and swimming pools. Kayaking in the lake “Hanabanilla” and in the sea at “Peninsula Ancón” and “Casilda” in Trinidad and at “Villa de Guajimaco” in Cienfuegos.

Kayaking in the lake Hanabanilla

Diving sport is also included in this excursion. There are tours of historic and cultural interest through Trinidad city with its “Canchánchara” bar and through Cienfuegos city with its French architecture

City of Trinidad, the craft city

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