The future of Cuban tourism aims to Camagüey

Published on 2019-02-20 by Norlan Echevarria

The Ministry of Tourism in Cuba paves the way for new investments in the central-eastern region sector that will play a leading role the next five years. The construction projects will begin with force in 2020 until 2025 and will strengthen the main poles, Santa Lucia and the capital city. The pretensions stand out, beyond increasing the housing capacity, to promote hotels with better comfort standards.

Brisas Santa Lucía Hotel, Camagüey, Cuba

In addition to the inauguration of the new five-star Real Planta, it is intended to start another site in Santa Lucia, which places the resort as one of the main tourist destinations in the country. Other investments are also aimed at opening a dolphinarium in 2020, and the schedule includes a Leisure Club, and new facilities to enhance nautical activity.

Camagüey city, Camagüey, Cuba

In Camaguey city a chronogram for the exploitation of city’s tourist assets continues, especially in the Historic Center, World Heritage Site, with the opening of the hotels Havana, Pichardo Palace, and another in the town’s old jail. Actions are being sought to increase the heritage value of the buildings, and for this reason the San Juan de Dios hotel and the Islazul chain's facilities, such as Plaza Hotel and Port-au-Prince, are also ready. Towards the former Villa, which celebrates its 505th birthday in February, the eyes of the Spanish Meliá chain are also focused, especially on Camagüey Hotel, that will reach Meliá Innside category.

Camagüey's Historic Center, Cuba

Canada, Russia, Italy, France and the United States are the main issuing markets to the territory, where the interests of important tour operators work in the region to promote this city and its surroundings among the main tourist destinations of the largest of the Antilles and in the Caribbean.

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