Cuba and the smart tourist destinations

Published on 2019-05-20 by Norlan Echevarria

Cuba keeps fostering the tourist market as investing on new sort of hotels such as Vedado Azul Hotel, that was opened currently as creating smart tourist destinations. The Minister of Tourism in Cuba, Manuel Marrero, announced that Cayo Largo is one of the destinations that is carrying out this kind of modality.

Convention Center Palace in Havana, Cuba.

Concerning this new modality also referred Enrique Salgado, professor of the faculty of tourism at the Havana University and manager of Amateus Group, during his statement at the 2nd Trade Convention that was held until May 17th at the Convention Center in Havana. Aftewards he explained what is understood as smart tourism, Salgado underline that it is created for smart tourists, those that use their smartphones to manage their trips thus turn the devices into their main allied. Finally, Salgado pointed out that in order to create operational smart destinations of quality, the destination, as well as entities and the staff, must focus on travelers that use internet on their devices before, while and after the trip; and take into consideration that the client becomes the best promoter and detractor of experiences.     

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