Santic Spiritus celebrates its 505th anniversary of foundation

Published on 2019-06-04 by Norlan Echevarria

Santic Spiritus gathers more than 505 years of history that grant the city a unique charm with patrimonial values that have to be preserved. The urban historic center, National Monument, as well as other areas of the city received a restauration that enhance the village’s image; including buildings’ façade and houses.

Park of Santic Spiritus, Cuba.

On the occasion of this important date, there will be galas, intellectual events such as the Colloquium of the Espirituana Culture and concerts that will give color to the celebration. This 505th anniversary of Santic Spiritus belongs to all that love the city.

Santic Spiritus city, Santic Spiritus, Cuba.

This celebration program includes also the 4th Village Theater Festival, craft fairs, illusionists’ performances, clowns and circus shows and exposition of art works and photography.

Teatro Principal (Principal Theater), Santic Spiritus, Cuba.

The 505th city’s foundation anniversary gala took place on July 3rd in the evening, and on July 4th will be held the solemn assembly at the Principal Theater, one of the architectonic jewels of the city.

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