Travellers love diving in Cuba

Published on 2019-08-27 by Norlan Echevarria

The rise of tourism in Cuba has many edges today, even when peregrines from around the world cherish diving or snorkeling in the island waters.

The Greatest of the Antilles' sea bottom attractions.

The Ministry of Tourism in the Island supports the idea of diversifying services for holidays. That’s the fact that the virginal Cuban nature has a typical charm specially its sea bottoms.

Discover our natural coral reefs.

Many experts in the matter are in agreement with tourists’ choices when they recommend contemplative diving places in the archipelago.

Cayo largo del Sur International Diving Center, Cuba.

Tourists suggest sites such as Cayo Largo del Sur, southerneast area of the archipelago, María La Gorda, Havana’s coastline, Varadero, Península de Zapata, Santiago de Cuba, North of Camagüey, Holguín, Jardines del Rey and Jardines de la Reina.

Santa Lucía Beach, Camagüey, Cuba.

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