Cayo Jutías, the best virginal paradise you might discover

Published on 2019-09-06 by Norlan Echevarria

Cayo Jutías, Pinar del Río province, is a beach in the Caribbean where you may rest peacefully. Its 4-kilometer-square surface belongs to the Archipelago the Colorados near Viñales Valley, that’s why it is part of Cuba’s eastern beaches.

Cayo Jutías, Pinar del Río, Cuba.

It is one of the best virgin beaches, so it is perfect to shake your stress away, unplug from work and duties. Due to the fact that it is completely virgin, there is no accommodation facilities, but there are some private houses (casas particulares) on the way of Santa Lucía route which allow lodge service.

Cayo Jutías, a paradise you must know.

You may also enjoy a tour for diving in the coral reefs, so it is needed to sail from your marvelous Varadero.

Cayo Jutías, Pinar del Río. A virgin beach.

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