Cuba Joins Celebration For World Tourism Day

Published on 2019-09-27 by Norlan Echevarria

The Ministry of Tourism of Cuba joins the celebrations for World Tourism Day, this time under the motto "Tourism and employment: a better future for all" with the commitment to continue working to make the industry without chimneys a driving force of the economic and social development of the country.

Tourism is one of the economic activities that has grown the most in recent decades and has shown an extraordinary capacity to adapt to changes, while constituting one of the main sources of employment worldwide, generating one of each 11 jobs.

World Tourism Day, Havana, Cuba

The generation of employment products of the diversification of offers of the industry and the linkage with other sectors that allow to guarantee the offers of goods and services, contributes to the fulfillment of the Sustainable Development Goal 8, focused on sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all.

The Cuban tourism industry grows and develops thanks to the efforts of each of the 114 122 workers in the sector. Come to you, our most sincere recognition for the work of each day, as well as to our clients, partners of the tourist operation: tour operators, travel agencies, airlines, associated hotel chains and tourism professionals in general.

Happy World Tourism Day!

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