Tour Operators Confirm Their Presence Along International Peak Tourism Season

Published on 2019-10-08 by Norlan Echevarria

Camagüey (ACN) Tourism in the province of Camagüey is getting ready for the international peak season, which will begin on November 3, and in which authorities of the sector anticipate a better behavior of the arrival of foreign visitors, due to the confirmation of several tour operators.

Residencia Planta Real Hotel, Camagüey, Cuba

Despite the strengthening of blockade against Cuba by the current United States government, and the application of Title III of the Helms-Burton Act, the so-called locomotive of the Cuban economy maintains its work in this region, and advances by greater results through the Opening of more rooms and services, both in this city and on the beach of Santa Lucia in the north of the Camagueyan territory.

Yunesky Canteli González, delegate of the Ministry of Tourism in the territory, explained to the Cuban News Agency that for the referred time of the year the activity of Canadian tour operators Hola Sun and Sunwing, and Pegas, from Russia is confirmed.

Santa Lucía Hotel, Camagüey, Cuba

The previous high season of tourism was good, said the delegate, and in which it is about to begin a growth in marketing is predicted, from the incorporation of a direct flight to this city, the Russian tour operator Pegas, with capacity for more of 380 customers three times a month.

New products and excursions will be offered at this stage of the year, including a two-day and two-night link in the Agramontine capital, and 10 days of stay at Santa Lucia Beach, said Canteli González.

Ciudad de Camagüey, Camagüey, Cuba

Improvements in infrastructure, roads and signals, in the main pole of the province with priority for the diversification of night proposals, are other actions that are executed.

Among the proposals for foreign tourists, the tour of this city stands out, whose oldest area is Cultural Heritage of Humanity, which has aroused much interest from foreign visitors, and where the Tourism delegation also links with the Directorate of Culture from the recognized prestige and work of that sector in the territory.

Santa Lucía Beach, Camagüey, Cuba

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