Playa Santa María, One of the Most Visited Beaches in Cuba

Published on 2019-10-18 by Norlan Echevarria

This is one of the most visited beaches in the east of Cuba.

East Havana Beaches, Cuba

It is the favorite to those that inhabit the region and to those that want to travel to know new places in Havana city.

Santa María del Mar Beach, East Havana Beaches, Cuba

It is a long beach with such a fine sand that encourages to spread your towel on it, dig your umbrella and live there forever.

Mar Azul Beach, East Havana Beaches, Cuba

Besides wonderful sunsets, in this beach of Havana you will find water sports and an area for dancing where parties are organized so as to enjoy among friends and to meet people.

East Havana Beaches, Cuba

Do not forget this is one of the beaches of Havana where you can be yourself.

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