Special Flights to Cuba

Published on 2020-02-18 by Norlan Echevarria

Viñales Tours and Viajes Covamex, two of the main travel agencies form the Mexican nation, along with other associated agencies, will initiate operations from Mexico City to Havana so as to increase the flow of Mexican tourists to Cuba from march 28th.

Conamex Travel Agency

In a press release issued by one of those agencies explain that “among the advantages of this new route Mexico City-Havana-Mexico City are the offer to the  tourist of travel packages to Cuba that include destinations such as: Havana, Varadero (west region) and the combinations Havana-Varadero and Havana-Cayo Santa María (center region)”.

Tourism in Cuba

This rout will have two weekly frequencies, Wednesday and Saturday, that will include catering service on board with excellent prices for tourists and regular passengers to both cities. It also includes lodge offer at hotel facilities run by renown chains which operate on the island such as Meliá Hotels, Iberosta, Gran Caribe, Blue Diamond, among others.

Viñales Tours Travel Agency

Tourism is one of the main sources of income to the Cuban’s economy, nowadays seriously affected due to travelling restrictions imposed by USA government since 2019 when the White House banned the entrance of cruises to Cuba, private planes and yachts, and four months later restricted the sending of remittances to Cuban people that live on the island, and also strengthened sanctions against shipping companies that ship oil for the Cuban consumption.    

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