Cuba Celebrates the Tourism Labor Day

Published on 2020-03-03 by Norlan Echevarria

Celebration, which takes place every March 4 in commemoration of the birth of Elpidio Sosa, a martyr of the sector, a combatant who sold his post as a food dependent to raise funds for the revolutionary cause. Cuban employees in this sector are called to increase the quality and efficiency of their work.

Cuban Tourism Labor Day

They also have the challenge of turning the leisure industry into the true locomotive of the Cuban economy, destination that is proud to be a safe country for tourism.

Cuba ratifies its status as a safe country for tourism

Cuba ratified its status as a safe destination to travel, obtaining the Excellence Award as the safest country for tourism at the Fitur International Fair, in Madrid, Spain.

Cuba, a safe destination for travelers

The Greater Antilles is recognized worldwide as a friendly and safe tourist destination, where the hospitality of its people stands out. This reality has not been able to be obscured, despite the campaigns and measures adopted by the administration of Donald Trump against Cuba, since 2017, with the purpose of damaging this strategic sector in the economic and social development of the country. In spite of this reality, the country ratifies the will to improve and expand its tourism offer, while confirming the interest and respect towards it by entrepreneurs in the sector worldwide.

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