Green Alligator Proposes “Conscious and Sustainable Travel” to Cuba

Published on 2020-03-06 by Norlan Echevarria

The tour operator Green Alligator Travel & Events AG (GATE) specializes in customized tours for individual clients (Foreign Independent Tours, FITs), groups and incentives. “Our passion lies in active and conscious travel, with the aim of providing each traveler with an individual experience that inspires, surprises, immerses them in local life and even exceeds their expectations. Each trip is unique, unforgettable and remains in the memory in a positive way,” its General Manager, Andrea Büchel, said to TTC.

The programs most requested by its customers, German and other European tourists, are medium to high level private trips, with guide and driver, driver-guide or rental car; they are also motivated by activities such as hiking, bird watching, kayaking or canopy, and show a strong interest in culture and history.

Their preference lies principally in Cuban destinations located in the west and center of the island, mainly for reasons of time and options of domestic and international flights. They spend most of their stay touring the country and spend a few days, at the end of the trip, to enjoy Cuba’s beaches.

Andrea Büchel argues that “Cuba is a very safe and ideal tourist destination in the Caribbean, with wonderful and clean beaches. Tourism is developing positively towards ‘conscious and sustainable travel.’ In addition, the range of active excursions is constantly expanding, such as SUP (Stand Up Paddle), electric bicycles, canyoning, among others.”

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