Now available Virtual Tour Of The Havana Club Rum Museum

Published on 2020-08-26 by Indira Rivero Reyes

Ron Havana Club, discover its history from the comfort of your home

Under the guidance of La Giraldilla, symbol of the city of Havana, Internet users are guided –in Spanish and English– through a brief overview of part of the history and production of Havana Club rum. Benefits offered by the Virtual Tour of the Museum dedicated to this authentically Cuban product.

This interactive visit invites you to freely browse the rooms of the property, with the help of a menu that indicates each of the spaces. It also has a selection of audiovisual materials that give the visitor the opportunity to delve into details of the production, history and cocktails of our products, explains Yenia Gómez, Head of Hospitality at Havana Club International S.A.

Habana Club Rum Museum

The specialist adds that since it is located on the website of the Havana Club Rum Museum, Internet users have the possibility to book their visit and access to the different services online.

The virtual tour becomes a fun way to attract the attention of people from all over the world who may well know the museum from a distance, or decide to visit it on a future stay in Cuba.

Important elements of Cuban architecture, culture and identity in general stand out, says the expert.

She added that, in particular, the benefits of the island's soil and climate are disclosed, important factors in obtaining sugar cane, the current production process of the Havana Club, respecting the rum tradition in Cuba, the preponderant role of the Masters of Cuban Rum throughout the production process and the benefits of the different products of the brand.

Habana Club

“Presenting a virtual tour of the Havana Club Rum Museum on its website allows the visitor who is organizing their trip to Havana, to know the rich experience that the inclusion of this Museum in their program can bring them. The virtual tour also allows those who have not yet decided to visit Cuba, learn about Cuban rum and especially Havana Club Rum as an intrinsic part of Cuban culture ", says Sergio Valdés, director of Market Development at Havana Club International SA

He explained that the decision to create it had already been made before the COVID-19 pandemic due to the growing importance of the internet in communication. However, due to the limitations imposed by this disease, the virtual tour opens at the right moment of greatest demand for information through the networks.

We are talking, without a doubt, of a valuable tool to learn up close and first hand the history and evolution of the Rum of Cuba

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