Foreign tourism returns to attractions in central Cuba

Published on 2020-12-22 by Norlan Echevarria

The loneliness of the beautiful beaches of Villa Clara province are disappearing with the presence of tourism that returns after an absence caused by the world pandemic that still affects the planet; the return is accompanied by hygienic measures and innovative proposals.

At Cayo Santa Maria pole, a beautiful trio of sandy islets where there are 21 accommodation facilities, the Dhawa hotel began operations, for national and foreign clients, followed by the Playa Cayo Santa Maria, with the arrival of more than a hundred travelers from Canada.

The forecasts ensure the maintenance of operations in both centers by the end of the year, with a gradual arrival of people from the northern nation, leading market of this magnificent beach area in central Cuba.

In the Cuban resort of Cayo Santa Maria, the five-star entity Roc Lagunas del Mar also officially began operations under the Roc Hotels brand.

The progressive arrival of foreign travelers will also mark the life of important historical and cultural institutions in the province and the exuberant beauty of the Guamuhaya massif.

The ancient town of Remedios stands out with a rich colonial architecture in its 505 years of existence, as well as Santa Clara, capital city of the Villa Clara province.

With the design of new products, tempered to the current moment and the certification of ¨More Hygienic and Safe Tourism¨ to most of the accommodation and non-hotel facilities, they offer a very nice and safe stay for visitors. (Luz María Martínez Zelada, ACN)

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