Havana's Nacional Hotel will reopen to tourism on the occasion of its 90th birthday

Published on 2020-12-28 by Norlan Echevarria

The reopening of the Nacional Hotel to tourism is scheduled for next December 30, on the occasion of its 90th birthday, according to the emblematic installation on its Facebook profile.

A group of its workers has changed the uniforms of tourist services to join the maintenance and reconstruction of some of the areas in order to achieve greater comfort, beauty, functionality and bio-security, since many of the structural changes respond to hygienic- epidemiological protocols that provide tourists a pleasant and safe stay.

Inaugurated in 1930, the emblematic Havana hotel facility will reach its 90th anniversary on December 30, with an image that highlights class and distinction, which has a lot to do with the commitment and culture of detail with which its workers assume their first-class services.

It has been chosen as the country's leader by the World Travel Awards, considered the Oscar of the leisure industry in the planet, since the prize is granted from a voting process, together with a global participation campaign which includes experts and specialists related to tourism.

Due to its history, cultural and social values, it treasures multiple attributes, and in 1982 when UNESCO declared Havana a Cultural Heritage Site, this emblematic property also earned such a high distinction.

In its gardens there are cannons from the colonial defense system and from a more recent era, tunnels and trenches that recall the Missile Crisis of 1962.

Added to its attractions is its Hall of Fame, with photos of the celebrities who have stayed there since the 1930s, as well as the menu preferred by 200 illustrious foreign visitors. (María Elena Balán, ACN)

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