Measures That Tourists Must Know to Travel to Cuba

Published on 2021-01-19 by Norlan Echevarria

Taking into account the epidemiological situation concerning Covid-19 in Cuba and the entry of travelers to the national territory, different provisions and health protocols have been adopted in order to counteract the spread of the disease.

Therefore, we make available to the traveler all the measures and protocols published by the Cuban Ministry of Tourism which the tourist who wishes to travel to the Island must know; this in order to protect you as well as the workers who provide service.

Included in the protocols: mandatory physical distancing; cleaning and disinfecting hands and surfaces; daily health and temperature controls for tourists and workers; and clinical-epidemiological surveillance during clients' stay in hotels with the presence of doctors, nurses, and hygiene and epidemiology technicians, 24 hours a day. Regardless of these implemented measures, the following protocols have been established to be complied with by tourists arriving in Cuba:

• Possess a negative RT-PCR test result, performed 72 hours before the trip, certified by laboratories in the countries of origin.

• Upon arrival in the country, carry out a diagnostic test for COVID-19 RT-PCR, free of charge

• Have an insurance policy that covers COVID-19 or purchase it upon arrival in the country, at the airport, for USD 30 or its equivalent in another freely convertible currency.

• Upon arrival at the accommodation facility, mandatory use of the mask until the result of the RT-PCR test is known

• In case of presenting any respiratory symptoms, you should contact the health personnel of the facility. If you test positive for COVID-19:

• If symptomatic, you will be transferred to a hospital

• If you are asymptomatic or suspicious, you will be transferred to a hospital hotel. For positive case contacts:

• They will remain in the hotel facility in isolation

• If you wish to extend your stay, the RT-PCR test must be carried out again, at a cost of 30 USD or its equivalent in another freely convertible currency. If when returning to your country of origin you need to carry a COVID-19 test with you, you can do it for the cost referred to above, at the medical facilities listed below:

• Havana: Siboney International Clinic, Camilo Cienfuegos International Clinic and “Pedro Kourí” Institute of Tropical Medicine, IPK

• In the rest of the country: In the territorial branches of Cuban Medical Services (SMC). In the case of tourists staying in hotel facilities that require this RT-PCR test for their return to the country of origin, they can request it from the medical staff of the hotel where they are, preferably upon arrival at said facility. Payment for the test will be made by magnetic card. Safety has traditionally been one of the attributes taken into consideration by travelers when selecting their vacation destination. In these times, such security has taken on a new meaning; the hygienic and sanitary security of tourist destinations is essential when making a travel decision. "Building trust in those who visit us and meeting the new requirements in terms of hygiene, health and safety are priorities for tourism in Cuba," says the note published by the Ministry of Tourism.


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