María la Gorda Diving Center Saves Guard an Underwater Natural Paradise

Published on 2021-01-22 by Norlan Echevarria

When it comes to natural attractions of great beauty, where you can appreciate the wonder of both terrestrial and marine biological diversity, we invite you to discover what the María la Gorda International Diving Complex has to offer.

Located on the Guanahacabibes peninsula in the westernmost province of the Greater Antilles, Pinar del Río, just four hours from the city of Havana, are the seabed of María la Gorda.


This tourist complex has more than ninety sites for diving that allow you to appreciate the biological diversity of the area, underwater caves and the remains of ships sunk during past centuries as well as coral reefs of great beauty, which makes this place the ideal place to visit. practice diving, scuba diving and ecological tourism.


Nature-loving tourists from all over the world and from the island itself come to enjoy 50 dive sites with crystal clear, transparent and warm waters. Admired for its black corals, experts consider the María La Gorda seabed to be among the ten most privileged in Latin America.

Located in Ensenada de Corrientes, it is one of the most protected areas in Cuba and is within the limits of one of the best and most conserved biosphere reserves in the world.


Her name comes from the story of a beautiful lady abandoned by pirates in the area, she survived and decided to take advantage of her privileged location to locate her small business there that later took her name.

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