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Cuban Airport Cayo Coco is ready for the high season of tourism

publié 2018-11-20 par Norlan Echevarria

The International Cuban airport Cayo Coco is ready for the high season of tourism in Cuba, which is expected to receive for about 60 flights from different nations of the world. It is located at about 10 kilometers from Cayo Coco Hotels network and almost 30 kilometers from Cayo Guillermo’s hotels, main islets that form Jardines del Rey Cuban tourist destination.

Jardines del Rey Airport

Afterwards the recovering from hurricane Irma’s affectations last year, the airport will welcome visitors with a renewed image and comfort of their facilities.

Cayo Coco's Resorts

Recently, an airplane from the Russian airline Azur Air arrived from Moscow. Also the airport received the first flight from the Polish airline Travelsens; reactivating the direct flights from Warsaw to the Northern cays of Siego de Avila Spa Resort.

Azur Ari Russian Airline. Taken from Buen Viaje a Cuba Web Site

During this high season, that begins in the second half of November, flights from Italy will be reestablished and flights from Canada will increase, being this last one the first market to the destination.

Flight from Canada

Jardines del Rey airport, also known as Cayo Coco airport, inaugurated in December 2002 stands out by its efficiency and quality of services. According to surveys carried out, it reaches the 98% of acceptance by visitors. This position is supported by the automatic check in that allows easiness in the traveler’s procedures; so the stay at the terminal is under 20 minutes; it is among the best indicators of the Caribbean area.

Passinger at Jardines del Rey Airport, Cayo Coco, Ciego de Avila, Cuba

Jardines del Rey resort will start the winter season with more than 8 thousand 600 rooms in 18 hotels and 4 villages and a broad network of extrahotels facilities.

Jardines del Rey Resorts

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