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Media Luna a tiny Cuban cay with great attractive

publié 2018-12-18 par Norlan Echevarria

Cayo Media Luna (Half Moon Cay) is one of the small islets on the north coast of the central part of Cuba with many underwater attractive. It is located at about one thousand 500 meters from Cayo Guillermo. It also forms part of the tourist destination Jardines del Rey, which natural attributes were source of inspiration to the American writer Ernest Hemingway (1899-1961). The visitor can reach to this flat islet by modern catamarans. It is linked to the story of privateers and pirates. Cayo Media Luna is surrounded by an impressive seabed with beautiful coral formations, shoal of fishes and the remains of a shipwreck that lies on the bottom that has its origins from 1920.

Cayo Guillermo, Jardines del Rey, Cuba

Tourists, that have enjoyed from this natural paradise before, qualify it like an underwater museum because there are cannons of galleons, a giant anchor, a propeller -from a submarine-, kitchen pots and pottery and china objects. Visitors are also able to see a littler bronze statue, known as Guillermo’s statue, from which one of the northern cays received its name. This place gives tourists excursions by catamaran until the coral reef where they can enjoy diving, snorkeling and fishing sport.

Cayo media Luna, Jardines del Rey, Cuba.

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