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The Rum Museum in Santiago de Cuba has a new headquarter with more attractions

publié 2019-04-09 par Norlan Echevarria

The Rum Museum of this city, now placed on the Ronera de Santiago de Cuba, from Cuba Rum Corporation Inc., has new attractions in its new headquarter allowing visitors to know about the history of the beloved drink and observe the manufacturing process.

It has three rooms, one of which exposes its origins with the introduction of sugar cane on the island, the second shows famous Maestros Roneros (master rum-makers) and the productions made previously, while the third is a replica of the Don Pancho aging cellar, from the eastern city. The latter offers details of the cooperage and its secrets and exhibits old manufacturing machines.

Santiago de Cuba Rum Museum, Santiago de Cuba, Cuba

The museum has a viewing corridor to observe the current bottling area, after knowing the evolution in time of that drink. Through this corridor, the visitor arrives at the Barrita del Ron, belonging to the Caracol chain, in charge of commercialization, where Cubans and foreigners can consume different brands of rums or acquire them, according to tastes and preferences. The area where the Museum of Rum is currently located was a maintenance workshop, that after 15 months of intense work became a cozy space and decorated with good taste.

Santiago de Cuba Rum, 25-year aged

Years ago, the museum was on San Basilio street, Carnicería corner, in the Historic Center, in a colorful and wide house, with architecture of the eclectic and neoclassical styles, where today Daiquiri Bar opens its doors to the public.

The institution dedicated to this drink in Santiago de Cuba, birthplace of light rum in 1862, tells about the origin, manufacture and guards interesting samples of Cuban rums. Its history is closely linked to the future of Cuba since the time of the meeting of two cultures and the arrival of sugarcane, the main raw material for its production.

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