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New edition of the Hernest Hemingway Internationa Marlin Fishing Tournament

publié 2019-06-14 par Norlan Echevarria

It is considered one of the oldest events of its sort in the world and the most important in Cuba. The Ernest Hemingway International Fishing Marlin Tournament develops successfully its 69th edition until June 15th.

On the waters of Hemingway Marina, Havana, 18 teams from 11 countries such as United Sates, Canada, France, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Japan, Cuba and others, compete for the best fishing of species with needle snout, as we can mention the blue marlin, sail fish, the Pacific marlin under the rules of tag and release in order not to hurt any specimen.

69th Edition of the International Fishing Tournament, Havana, Cuba.

The event is specially dedicated to the 500th years of Havana’s foundation anniversary, so the fishers not only come for the passion of fishing but to know about the city’s cultural attractions.

The event was organized by the Ministry of Tourism of Cuba MINTUR, Cubasol Entrepreneurial Group and the Marlin Enterprise, Nautical and Marinas. The Hernest Hemingway International Marlin Fishing Tournament celebrated its first edition in 1950 and since then it is uninterruptedly celebrated by Cuba’s fishing sport lovers.

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