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New Canadian Airline Selects Cuba As Its First Destination

publié 2020-07-28 par Indira Rivero Reyes

Cuba, the first destination for new Canadian airline

“Off We Go (OWG)” a Canadian leisure airline, launched on July 7th, announced that Cuba will be the first Destinations of its flights, selected in association with the Northerner country’s “Hola Sun Holidays” flights company.

José Ramón Cabañas, Cuban ambassador to United States, posted on his official twitter account an article that exposes the airline’s decision and he states that whereas some people leave, others arrive to the Caribbean nation.

      Canada is the largest issuer of tourists to Cuba, with more than one million of visitors every year, who recognize the Cuban archipelago as a destination of peace, healthy and safe

OWG’s debut, settled for next November 1st, represents a surprise because of the current COVID-19 pandemic and flight restrictions as consequences that have forced to put off flights all around the world.

OWG, subsidiary of the Airline Nolinor Aviation, with headquarters in Quebec, operates with a fleet composed by 3 Boeing 737-400 acquired early this 2020, according to the International Flight Network website, leader on the matter of domestic flights.

In the line with this source, the airline invested several million of dollars on these planes restoration with a new interior design of 158 economic seats. 

Source: ACN.

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