Josone Park, a real Oasis in the heart of Varadero

Published on 2018-05-22 by Rogelio Zaraboso

In this tropical oasis you’ll find a tropical vegetation, many colourful birds, a nice artificial lake, a swimming pool, a kids playground, a bowling alley, a mini-golf course and boating on the lake, and many more…

Spend an amusing day with your family in the Josone Park, in Varadero, Cuba, and get to know its history

Located in Varadero,  the Josone Park is an old Neoclassical mansion surrounded by a diverse orchard built in 1942 by a couple who were the owners of a distillery in Cárdenas, coinciding with their silver anniversary. 

There  are many  gastronomic options  such as the Bar Varadero 1920, where you can rent rowing boats, the Dante restaurant, specializing in Italian food and other facilities that offer seafood, typical dishes of Cuban cuisine, wines ...

The park is an oasis for migrating birds that nest in the trees within the park.

The Josone Park Varadero is a special place in the Varadero Peninsula


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