Cuba Prepares a Tourism Opening That Preserves Health

Published on 2020-05-27 by Rogelio Zaraboso

Cuba is very cautious concerning the moment to open its borders again to international tourism, and while the country waits, it attempts to adapt the sector to new sanitary measures that will be essential when world leisure industry resumes.

According to statements from the Ministry of Tourism, there are two fields that the health sector defends with concepts: respect for the national security and the future of most important sector of the economy.

Facilities are under unstoppable improvement assuming hygiene protocols by the time tourism activities retakes.

World tourism entities, airlines, hotel chains, governments and experts defend the idea that Covid-19 will change many parameters related to health in the world tourism field.

In this regard, new measures are being studied will affect the maritime and air transport, accommodation and entertainment areas which will include surveillance measures not only for travelers but also people who assist them.

Cuba has not given details concerning plans for this matter, but the tourist sector of the island has been described as the "heavyweight of national economy".

In this moment of success combating the coronavirus pandemic, economic authorities of the island even argue that the country is preparing for the soon welcome of flights from airlines that were suspended at the moment the island shut down its borders.

It was officially declared that the country will be opened to those flights when these ones do not pose a threat to the national security meaning infection from the virus.

By Frank Martín

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