Theatre in Las Tunas, Cuba

In Las Tunas province, performing arts are a strength within the cultural and artistic scene, with notable awards for professional groups and the Movement of Amateur Artists of the University Student Federation.

Theatre Companies of Las Tunas

Teatro Tuyo Theatre Group

Teatro Tuyo Group Las Tunas Cuba Travel

This theatre group of Las Tunas works the clown technique from an renovating perspective. One could think that this is a group that works for children and younger audiences, but the mastery of Ernesto Parra, its director, and all the members, allows its plays to be enjoyed by the public of all ages. Teatro Tuyo has over 20 plays. Narices, Gris and La Estacion, remark the prestige of this tunero group and among the recognitions and awards it has received are the Premio Villanueva de la Critica Award 2012 and 2014, Caricato Award and the Adolfo Llaurado Acting Award, among others.