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Weather in Las Tunas, Cuba


The weather in Las Tunas is nice, with average temperatures between 69.8 and 86 °F that allow outdoor activities. A tropical weather that does not escape the rainy season, between the months of June and October. Nevertheless, the precipitations aren’t abundant, since this is a flat territory without many forests. Ideal to enjoy sunny days at any time of the year, the weather of Las Tunas,Cuba makes it a Cuban tourist destination to take into consideration.

 In winter, there is much less rainfall in Las Tunas than in summer. This climate is considered Aw according to the climatic classification of Köppen-Geiger. The average annual temperature is 25.7 ° C in Las Tunas. The rainfall here averages 1148 mm. The least amount of rain occurs in December. The average of this month is 19 mm. With an average of 178 mm, the highest precipitation falls in June. Temperatures are highest on average in July, around 27.7 ° C. February has the lowest average temperature of the year:23.1 ° C. The variation in the precipitation between the driest and wettest months is 159 mm. During the year, average temperatures vary by 4.6 ° C.